About Us

January 2022


HelpMyIT Is Launched

HelpMyIT was launched after several months of planning and almost a year providing similar services through third party platforms and building a reputation. The website was launched in January 2022 as a central platform for all of the IT services we provide.

The brand is symbolic of a career change after the owner previously founded and managed web hosting businesses for many years.

Who We Are

HelpMyIT is a brand that focuses on professional, high quality IT management and support services for business and personal use.
We aren't here to overcharge for a below-average service, we're here to build a relationship where we can work with you regularly.


HelpMyIT is currently not an incorporated company and is a sole-trader operation.

We're located in the United Kingdom.

We have no plans to offer web-hosting services after 10+ years previously doing so.

We currently accept payment via Debit or Credit Card, PayPal or UK Bank Transfer.

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